Clarins Skin Treatments

All our facials include: Skin Consultation, skin analysis, skin advice and your own skin prescription tailored to your skin needs. Double cleansing, exfoliating, facial massage, serums, face mask, skin cream, and finished with  a tinted sunscreen.

Ultraceuticals Treatment Peels

Lactic peel treatments are hydrating and exfoliating Hydroxy Acid Peels. Lactic Acid Peels are excellent for resurfacing the skin, increasing skin’s moisture levels, reducing fine lines, uneven texture, congested skin and provide you with refreshed revitalised skin.

Even skin tone and 30+ Day Cream is recommended to be used two weeks prior to any Ultraceutical treatments. A source of these are available at a discount price.

Body Packages

Give those tired and sore muscles the healing and pampering they deserve. With our professional team, enjoy a well-deserved back or full-body massage that will take care of those aches and pains.

Aside from reducing muscle pain and spasms, getting a great body massage also reduces stress, relieves tension headaches, and improves posture and flexibility.

Pamper Packages

Enjoy some time-off and reward yourself with a luscious Pamper Package from Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon.

Our Pamper Packages will cover your needs from head to toe, along with a Clarins Professional Facial.

Pamper packages can also be customised, taking care of your specific needs.


Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon is happy to provide your nails with the pampering they need.

Our team will apply and replace your fingers’ nail polish using quality acrylic material.


Safe and effective for permanent hair removal, Electrolysis can remove any and all types of hair and works with any skin or hair color.

The Electrolysis procedure, unlike laser treatment that only targets hair pigments, hits the hair follicles and completely and permanently remove hair.

Purchase 2 products & receive a complimentary make up!

Ear Piercing

In addition to beauty services, Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon provides ear piercing services, along with ear studs.

Hoi Polloi also offers ear care lotions for maintenance needs.


With many benefits over shaving, our waxing services are fast, convenient, and will bring the best out of your skin.

From head to leg, Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon will take care of your waxing needs.

Male Treatments

As men have embraced the pleasures of waxing, Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon offers its waxing services to men.

Not only does waxing reduce body odor, it also helps remove dead skin sells, finer hair upon regrowth, and improves body performance.

Hand Treatments

Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon’s team guarantees a quality and relaxing experience for your tired and stressed fingers.

Using SHELLAC nail color system, your nails will look beautiful, fresh and healthy.

Adding a touch of paraffin wax at the end of your manicure keeps your fingers moisturised and soft.

Foot Treatments

Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon’s team will make sure that your tired and stressed toes will have a quality and relaxing experience.

Using SHELLAC nail color system, your toenails will look beautiful, fresh and healthy.

Adding a touch of paraffin wax at the end of your pedicure keeps your toenails moisturised and soft.

Eyelash/ Eyebrow Tinting

Give your eyelashes and eyebrows a great and stunning look!

This quick and painless procedure gives long-lasting results, like defining sparse brows and lashes, as well as covering gray hairs in the brows.

Other Services

Special services that Hoi Polloi Beauty Salon provides to our customers.

If you are looking for a particular beauty treatment or product, come and see our experienced beauty consultants, they will provide you with a no obligation advice based on your skin type and preferences.