Using ancient techniques to heal and relieve modern day stress’s & anxiety ..

How would you like to experience a clear mind free from negative thought patterns, worry and fear?

Change Agent and Light Worker Jo has been using Reiki and other healing modalities for over 20 years.
Trained in England, in the heart of Cornwall, famous for its wild and rugged shore lines where Celtic, Medieval Folklore, King Auther, Merlin and many other magical encounters began.

I have noticed more and more people seem to carry so much stress and anxiety, and people seem to have lost touch with who they truly are! Hiding behind a busy lifestyle along with all the burdens of fear, anger, guilt, people pleasing, sickness and health issues.
How about you lay those to rest find that place deep within where love resides.

If I can find that place inside, so can you. After struggling with emotional issues that seemed so real and affecting my current life, I was carrying out by blaming others for how I feel inside. It could be your parents, siblings, spouse, work colleagues and so on.
How about you do the inside work, heal those old perceptions so you can breathe and choose peace instead.
People then think being peaceful is boring but in reality its where true healing and miracles reside to create More in your life.
It’s the gentle non-forceful nudge that gives you the opportunity to listen within and act accordingly.

Thus leading to happiness, peace, better relationships, fun and joy …

Reduce anxiety with Reiki.

Reiki is an integrative therapy treatment used to alleviate anxiety… The practice of Reiki guides this “Ki,” or energy, that surrounds and permeates every living thing.
Reiki enhances wellness by assisting your body balance itself, and it enables you to take an active role in your health, treating pain, trauma, relationships, obesity, Balance Your Mind. Follow Your Life Path. Heal Yourself. Cleanse Your Chakras.

Massage is also very beneficial as I channel Universal energy which releases aches, pains and again emotional turmoil.
I can also teach a technique to free the mind, and like growing a muscle you can train the brain to think more clearly and live a more fulfilled positive life which not only benefits you but also those around you..

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